LensMechanix 2.4 is now available.
  1. If necessary, uninstall your current version of LensMechanix.
  2. Download the new version: Download
  3. If necessary, activate your license.

What’s New in 2.4:

  • View optical tolerances in LensMechanix that have been defined in OpticStudio
  • Generate reports on spot size, beam clipping, and image contamination from the Optical Performance Summary to share with your engineering teams
  • With just a few clicks, update your optical design with a new OpticStudio file
  • Enhance the resolution of a surface power analysis to get more data
  • Use ray animation to visualize rays traveling through the system, from sources to detectors
  • Apply scatter profiles to internal surfaces in section view

Visit our video and written tutorials on packaging, analyzing, and validating optomechanical designs in LensMechanix.